Pre Order 10/18 11/1 (In Production)-TAT min 3 weeks. Restock info coming soon!
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How To Order

Whether you're an indie brand shopping expert or new to the indie brand shopping experience here is some helpful information about how this shop works.


I work on a two week restocking schedule currently with a random once a week restock sprinkled in here and there. This allows me to ship current orders, make products for upcoming restocks so everything is ready to ship (RTS) and prepare for new collections. I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter, joining the Facebook group The Ghoulish Army-GDBS which I update daily and following on Instagram. Those are where I announce restocks once they are planned. And as always, restocks are displayed on the top left corner of the website. Restock items are on no certain schedule but I will try to stock things in the same category ie skincare, bodycare etc. 

Pre Orders

Due to demand I will hold pre orders after a collection has launched so people can grab whatever they would like without having feeling like they are missing out. These are held for an allotted time only. Once the pre order has ended supplies are ordered and then the production begins! The main thing to keep in mind is that it takes a minimum of at least 3 weeks to get all orders made and shipped out. Everything is made by hand by one person. I update the progress of a pre order in the above mentioned Facebook group. 


Now that I've gone to a ready to ship format everything takes 3-5 business days ( M-F) to ship out. A tracking email is sent once I've purchased a shipping label to the email that you have entered in your account. You can easily track orders through your account by logging in or just clicking the link in your confirmation email. 

Why Things Sell Out So Fast

As I am only one person, I can sadly only make so much at a time. I try to make as much as humanly possible (and what I can store) for each restock and I have a wonderful loyal group of Ghouls who enjoy my products ( I love you all !). This sometimes turns into what we call in the indie business 'Hunger Games Shopping' since there are a lot of people going after the same things. I'm remedying this by holding pre orders for new collections and also cult favorites so people don't miss out. These are all announced in the above mentioned social media outlets. 

The Thing About Bath Bombs...

I started this business with 3 bath bombs and a body scrub and while I'm so grateful that everyone loved my bath bombs, due to the extent of products I make, I now only offer bath bombs during October and December. They are only Ready To Ship and no pre order is available for them. So once they are gone, they are gone!

So if you see something sold out, have no fear! I'm working on maximizing my space and optimizing my production time so I can make more treats and tricks at a time without sacrificing quality.