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Virgin Sacrifice

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When I was volunteering at the Natural History Museum, I was assigned to clean the Visible Vault. At the time I was studying Cultural Anthropology and managed to land a position as a Volunteer for the Anthropology and Archeology Department. When the head curator told me that we would be cleaning the exhibit that housed archeological treasures from Ancient Latin America--I practically screamed.

 My volunteer work consisted mainly of data entry and cleaning Peruvian textiles--a nerd’s fantasy. So when I was given the special opportunity to work with items that were kept behind a glass, I couldn’t have been more excited. Brushing off layers of dust delicately from each artifact with a paint brush sounds incredibly boring, but I was touching pieces from history.

 The team that I had been working with were picking their favorite pieces and talking about them. So when it came time for me to mention my favorite, I didn’t hesitate. My favorite was the cuauhxicalli-- a stone basalt bowl that was crafted to receive human hearts during sacrificial ceremonies. The image of bloody hearts that once rested inside this stone bowl fascinated me and I got to touch it...

 You’re probably wondering why I’m even talking about this. Human Sacrifices? Bloody Hearts?

 Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop will be releasing a new line on March 23rd called Virgin Sacrifice. Virgin Sacrifice will be fragrance and color free! This release will be composed of Corpse Cream’s and Body Washes! Virgin Sacrifice encapsulates the essence of feeling ‘pure’. Be still my bloody heart!

 We won’t ask you to submit your heart to a deity! But let’s get our hearts pumping for this release with my Top 5 Sacrificial Flicks!

  1. Hellraiser-- When it comes to sacrificing your soul, I think of the cenobites. Your suffering will be legendary! And ain’t that the truth. Whenever I watch this film, I need some hard liquor. Not to say that I can’t handle the intense yet gruesome scenes, but Doug Bradley’s character makes the hair stand on my neck...
  2. Rosemary’s Baby--Congratulations, you’re about to have your first child! And Satan is the father! How do I throw a baby shower for Rosemary’s Baby? Do I buy things off a certain registry? That’s my question...
  3. Children of the Corn--Whenever I pass by a corn field, I immediately think of this film. I’m almost wondering if religious crazed children are contemplating my demise...
  4. The Mummy--I’m not about to leave out one of the first horror films that has to do with human sacrifices--I’d be out of my mind! Imhotep portrayed by Boris Karloff is determined to sacrifice a woman who has a striking resemblance to his former lover in order to be reunited with his true love. If that’s not real love--I don’t know what is.
  5. Green Inferno-- I saw this film in theatres and Eli Roth was definitely serving me some cannibal holocaust realness. This film involves a genital mutilation ceremony--in my opinion that was the most terrifying part of the film...
  6. Cabin in the Woods--I positively love this film. They’ve worked the characters to fit the horror film archetype. You’ve gotta love the usual characters that are often displayed in horror films--the jock, the stoner, the whore (I’m not slut-shaming, it’s a fact!) the nice-guy, and last but not least--the Virgin. At the very end--you must choose how you die...

Which film is your favorite? Are you excited for this new line being released on March 23rd? 

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  • Angel on

    cabin in the woods and hellraiser for the win in human sacrifice and suffering! good read! if only I had a bathtub…

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