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My High School Horror Flicks

Whenever someone talks about the glory days of their high school years--I cringe.  I know that I'm dating myself here, but I entered my freshman year in 2003 and I was just 13 years old.  And the struggle was real.  I had braces with those tacky rubber bands.  I was super over-weight.  And I hung out with people who were designated as 'weirdos' on campus.  You know--the one's who listen to Evanescence and have large black My Chemical Romance messenger bags while sporting far too much eyeliner--yep, those ones.  


I figured I'd take you down memory lane for a little bit.  Whether or not you've graduated around the same time as me--or you want some solid recommendations on what to watch this evening, I'm listing some horror flicks that are little gems in my book.  I've compiled a list of my favorite films from each year that I attended high-school.  This list was rough as fuck to put together.  It was hard to pick just one!  

2003-- Wrong Turn

This film is the reason why I wont set foot into West Virginia.  Wrong Turn focuses on a group of friends who are having car troubles along the highway in West Virginia.  Realizing that they're not alone, the group slowly gets picked off one by one by some hungry-hillbilly-in-breeding-cannibals.  Literally my worst nightmare come to life right now.  There's something about cannibals who have excellent hunting skills that terrify me beyond words.  They know how to hunt.  They know the landscape.  I'm directionally challenged.  And I even suck at fishing.  I'd be the first one to go! This film plays upon the fear of isolation.  Equipped with just the right amount of jump scares, Wrong Turn is a must see.  I wont give the rest of it away, so you'll have to watch for yourself.  Apparently they made two more films in this franchise, but I refuse to see them.  Be sure to watch this flick and let me know what you think!

Please let me know if you share the same feeling as I do when it comes to West Virginia and the possibility of redneck cannibals...

DISCLAIMER: Also, I don't mean to offend anyone who lives in West Virginia--let that be known.


Okay, how could I leave this one out? Saw was released during my junior year of high-school.  Rated NC-17, this film had that 'torture' element that was brand new to me.  Obviously this would play out more into the sequels with more torture scenes, but the first film focuses more on the mystery of who Jigsaw was and why the victims had been captured.  I'd like to believe this is where I fell in love with James Wan and Leigh Whannell.  James has a unique way of telling the story through the eyes of a lens while Leigh leaves us on the edge of our seat with his writing along with his on screen performance.  Saw revolves around two men who have been captured by the serial killer 'Jigsaw' who puts his victims through deadly puzzles in order for them to realize the quality of life.  When I first heard Tobin Bells' voice as Jigsaw, I got chills.  His voice was so eerie and I'd like to believe that it also tied the film together.

Just this past month, I got the opportunity to meet Tobin Bell.  I gotta say--I was fucking SHOOK.  And I never use the word shook.  I've always wanted to meet this legendary man.  I should have asked him to say 'I want to play a game'--but I got nervous.  I mean, it's Jigsaw for fucks sake...

*Internally Screaming will forever be the caption of this photo^*



2005- Hostel

I've never been to Europe.  I've always wanted to go.  But this film makes me second guess those dreams of backpacking and hostel jumping.  Two friends backpack through Europe after graduation.  After meeting up with a traveler from Iceland, they set off to a Slovakian hostel and unknowingly enter a deadly game.  If you haven't seen this movie--I won't spoil it for you.  But let's just say it's violence is excessive.  And not to mention--Hostel won the 2006 Empire Award for Best Horror Film.  If you enjoy any of the SAW films--this may be right up your alley...

Slovakia and the Czech Republic were not happy with this film.  There were complaints about the overall portrayal of their country as being 'underdeveloped, poor and uncultured lands suffering from high criminality, war and prostitution'.  The board of tourism even invited Roth on an all expense paid trip to see that Slovakia was not as run-down as the film portrayed.  

Regardless of the complaints from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, I definitely recommend this film for all you twisted horror freaks.



2006- The Hills Have Eyes

Wes Craven is a fucking genius--let's not discredit him.  His 1977 release of the Hills Have Eyes paved the way for this remake.  If you have to know one thing--I've always been on the fence when it comes to remakes.  I feel like Hollywood's DNA is composed of remakes.  But with that being said--I can't help but love this one.  You may agree or disagree with me--whatever, I don't give a shit.  I actually love the original as well as the remake.

I already have an issue with West Virginia and its' possibility of in-breeding cannibals and now, I'm all stressed about taking a road trip through the damn desert.  Once I watched the original, I was ecstatic when the remake came out during my senior year.  A family experiences an accident on their way to San Diego.  It turns out that site they're stuck on is where inbred mutants await in the shadows who crave human flesh.  Why is it always the inbred mutants who want to eat us?!

I'm not going to give the rest away.  Also, you have to promise me that you'll honor Wes Craven by watching his flick FIRST.



I hope you enjoyed this list I put together for you! 
If you haven't seen any of these films--get ready to lounge around on your couch in a pair of sweatpants and a bucket of popcorn!  I provided quite the line-up.





 What were some of the horror films that were released during YOUR high-school years? 


Sound off below in the COMMENTS!




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