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How To Incorporate GDBS Products Into Your Routine

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Starting new skincare is both exciting and terrifying.  You may be thinking things like; Will it work? How do I use this properly? Am I overdoing it? What day is it? (that last one I daresay I ask way too often). 

I'll be breaking down some GDBS favorites and answering common questions about them. This will be continually updated as new products are added so be sure to check back for new information.

Zydrate Skin Prep

  • I think I get questions about this product more than any other product. Mostly, what in the seventh circle of hell is a "Skin Prep"?

A Skin Prep is the first step after cleansing. Immediately applying this will not only help other products penetrate faster by utilizing a gentle exfoliation but also gives you a healthy dose of veggie extracts straight into the epidermis (that's your top layer of skin). Thin products like this are the easiest for your skin to absorb and are best used when not fighting to get through other layers. With use this helps with tone, skin clarity, brightness and has been reported by many Ghouls that their makeup applies more evenly. This essentially preps your skin for the rest of your routine. It's simple, easy and helps your other products work more effectively. Cool right?

  • Can I use this WITH Wraith?

Yes but I'd recommend not right away especially if you're new to AHA's. Use Zydrate in the AM and Wraith in the PM. Wait at least a week to see how your skin reacts and then incorporate Zydrate into your PM routine 2-3 times a week. Slow is key here, shocking your skin with too much exfoliation can have adverse effects. Most of the time "confusing" your skin is the best approach when it comes to exfoliation. If it's constantly being signaled to send new cells to the surface of the skin its going to basically think you're crying wolf after a period of time and you won't get the same results you initially did. Mix it up! Use Zydrate in the AM for a week and then switch it up to the PM when you're adding this to Wraith. Zydrate by ITSELF can be used up to twice a day since it is such a mild and gentle exfoliation. Listen to YOUR skin, you'll know what to do! 

  • When do I use this exactly?

Right after you cleanse, before anything else!

  • So can I still use my favorite toner?

Yep! This doesn't replace toner, this is a simple way to beef up your routine so feel free to use your favorite toner in addition to Zydrate. But your toner won't be your first step, Zydrate will be. 

Wraith 5% AHA Night Serum

Yes, one of my favorite products I've created to date! Keep reading for common questions about this product.

  • I have really sensitive skin and I've never used an AHA serum, is this for me?

My goal with this was to use an introductory percentage of alpha hydroxy acids that has been proven to be mild but still effective. Mix in some serious hydrators and soothing botanicals to help with the transition. By doing so it's smooth sailing for sensitive skin. I formulate my skincare with sensitive skin in mind! 

  • Do I really have to use this only at night? WHY?!

AHA's make you photosensitive. Yes technically you could slather on SPF if you're using it during the day but lets be real here: How many of you reapply SPF after you've done your makeup? *crickets* It's safer for you and your skin to just keep AHA's for night time use. There's no reason to risk the integrity of your skin. And bonus! Your skin regenerates and absorbs nutrients more effectively at night! Be sure to cleanse your face in the morning to remove all the AHA's from your skin. 

  • I'm using Accutane / prescribed acne meds/ just had a peel / using Retin A can I use this?

No, I'm sorry! Those medications and procedures are serious stuff and are already exfoliating your skin to the max. This is not the product you are looking for. *waves hands* Always consult your doctor! 

  • I'm pregnant / nursing, can I use this?

Sorry mama, until you've given birth to that glorious creation and are done with breast feeding this is a hard pass. Always consult your doctor when introducing products while pregnant or nursing! 

  • Can I use this in conjunction with another serum?

Definitely! Wraith is very hydrating so depending on what benefits you're looking for you can combine those serums up like a little mad scientist. I'd recommend applying Wraith first though and allow to penetrate the skin for 10-15 minutes before applying other products.

  • Can I use this after a mask treatment? 

I'd recommend a patch test along your jawline prior. If you're using a GDBS mask those tend to be quite exfoliating so just make sure your skin can handle Wraith on a freshly exfoliated face. 

  • Can I use other products after using this?

Of course! Treat it like any other serum. Feel free to add your facial oils, moisturizers and what not after applying Wraith. You may even be able to cut down on how much moisturizer you use since Wraith is very hydrating! 

  • It's tingling! Is that okay? Am I melting?

A tingle is very common and will eventually go away completely once you've used it for a few weeks. If applied on open skin (for me this would be my eczema patch after I've exfoliated it to death) it will be a more intense tingle for obvious reasons. Your face is not melting. However if you are experiencing burning sensations ( hot red flushing, painful sensations that do not fade) immediately wash your face and discard the product into a black hole. 

Scream Queen Facial Elixir

  • What is a Facial Elixir? And how do I use ?

I made Facial Elixirs as a way to abolish the notion that oils are taboo for your skin. People think that because they are oily or combo skin types that they can't incorporate oils into their skincare. This couldn't be farther from the truth! When your skin is hydrated it stops overproducing oil to compensate. Facial Elixirs are great for people who love nourishing ingredients and can be used alone or simply add a few drops to a moisturizer or facial mask to beef it up. This one is aimed to help with skin care concerns that make you want to scream; irritated skin, rosecea, flushing, dryness, chapped skin, inflamed skin. Sometimes its utilized as a treatment a few times a week or as a replacement for a daily moisturizer! Again, your skin lets you know! There's no right or wrong way to use this which makes this super user friendly. My personal favorite is to use it right after a face mask or a deep exfoliation to help calm down my skin and introduce hydration. I've even used this to thin out thick foundation! 

  • Wait... why does this smell...weird?

Don't worry, your bottle hasn't gone bad. That's the hempseed oil. I don't use fragrance in my skincare so sometimes natural oils have a stronger smell to them (hempseed oil is definitely one of them!) I kept out essential oils as well since this is aimed for really sensitive skin and I didn't want any potential irritants. I'd rather a slightly unpleasant smelling product than use masking fragrance. The scent fades away once applied. 


....more to come! Stay tuned! 


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  • Silvia on

    This is a great guide on how to use these amazing products. Thank you.

  • Silvia on

    This is a great guide on how to use these amazing products. Thank you.

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