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Change in the Wind: Rebranding- An In Depth Look At Why + What To Expect

Grab some tea.This is going to be long...

I'll admit this has been on my mind for quite while. I've gone back and forth for over a year because lets be honest; change is scary. Rebranding and overhauling your OWN business is terrifying. Would I lose my Ghouls? Would people care? Am I ready to start over? Does my brand represent me anymore?

The answer to the last question is no. When I first started I had an idea and a passion to create. At the time horror based shops were rare. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my brand to look like but in reality all I wanted to do was create for people like me and I figured the branding and look would come after. " Honestly, how hard would it be to change things up later on?" I chuckled to myself. Answer: very hard. I didn't plan on being a bath shop (fun fact: Bath Shop wasn't even my idea for my name!) all I wanted was to incorporate my education and passions into my creations, with a focus on skincare. 

As my shop grew in popularity I was so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. The ball was moving and I had to move with it. The responses were so positive for my horror based items that I felt thats the only thing I COULD make anymore. Now don't get me wrong, horror is a huge part of my life but its not my entire life. And I felt like I had to hold off on product ideas because it didn't fit into this box that I had created for myself. 

I started feeling like this about a year into opening and I had seen a tarot card reader at the end of an event I vended at. She gave me some of the best advice I have ever received and I started to slowly flex my new muscles and that's when the Dark Alchemy line was created. The line has since been discontinued due to supplier issues but it showed me that maybe I could do something outside of the horror realm. But how do I execute it?

Almost 2 years later I'm ready to pull the trigger. Being in my mid 30's I've finally grown comfortable with who I am. And sometimes you need to step back and look at your biggest lifes accomplishment and make it YOU again. The funny thing about enjoying the weird, the paranormal, horror, the occult, the creepy and the haunted is that you don't have to BE any certain way. You can be Sharon from Wisconsin watching Cannibal Holocaust from your phone while your kids are at soccer practice. You can be Heather from California decked out in the latest goth fashions listening to a horror podcast, Todd from Florida taking EVPs from a graveyard still rocking a 3 piece suit after work or Miranda in Arizona living in a yurt and growing wild sage for a personal ritual.

My point is, don't let what you THINK what you're into is supposed to look a certain way. You do you at the end of the day and that's basically what I'm doing. I'm combining ALL of my loves and passions into one amalgamation of awesome and I'm going for it. 

Okay so what does this all exactly mean for the future. Firstly, Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop will be renamed to Ghoulish Apothecary. (cheer!!). The Ghoulish pays homage to my original "love child" and the Apothecary is the new bits that gives you look into what to expect.

I'll be incorporating my love of foraging and herbal concoctions into the line up. These are things that I've been making for personal use for well over 10 years and I'm excited to share them since they're some of my favorites. Some products names will change. The overall look of the brand will change and is currently being professionally designed by someone absolutely amazing. There will also be select products from other small businesses and even a mini herb center to create your own concoctions. Not everything I make will be about horror, honestly the majority of it won't be. It will have a darker overtone (that will never change) and encompass all of me. I don't want to give everything away but I'm so excited for the future. This feels 100% right and its refreshing to no longer be boxed in by my own creation. 

During this time of transition the shop will be closed for longer periods of time while everything comes together and will expected to be rehauled by the beginning of next year. So hold tight and thank you for your patience during this time. It'll be well worth it I promise. Undoing almost 3 years of design work and branding takes some time but I'm so ready for it and I hope you are too. 



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